Since it’s creation in 2011, Snapchat has exploded in popularity. The app, which allows users to share videos, photos and messages with the promise that within seconds they’ll disappear into cyberspace never to be seen again, has actually near 200 million users. While a majority of Snapchatters are sharing  selfies, food pictures or videos from their night out, more celebrities are hopping on  Here’s a list of a few celebrities, artists, and Television channel to follow on Snapchat.

1. Blake Lively
Username: LivelyBK

2. Chris Brown
Username: BPChrisBrown

3. Jared Leto
Username: JaredLeto

4. Kylie JennerUsername: KylizzleMyNizzl

5. GiGi Hadid
Username: DoubleGiForce

6. Miley Cyrus
Username: MileyCyrus

7. Wale
Username: Waleebm

8. Bella Thorne
Username: BellaThorneDAB

9. Cody Simpson
Username: AussieMuso

10. Rihanna
Username: Rihanna

11. Mack Wilds
Username: MackWilds

12. Brody Jenner
Username: NextJenneration

13. Vic Mensa
Username: VicSaveMoney

14. Danny Brown
Username: xDannyBrownx

15. Tyler The Creator
Username: ToiletBoy

16. SchoolBoy Q
Username: HoovaQ

17. Waka Flocka Flame
Username: WakaFlockaveli

18. Selena Gomez
Username: SelenaGomez

19. “Girls” (HBO)
Username: GirlsHBO

20. MTV
Username: MTV