The last night of the year is the perfect time to be glamorous and look your best outfit. Depending on your own style and the event to which you will come to celebrate New Year, we propose you three different and stunning looks.

1. Romantic rockstar: This is one of our favorite outfits, and that’s the first. Only for brave ones, because each part of the total look is high risk. If you’re going to attend a casual and fun event, this is your look. Skirt with two different pieces: one in blue with precious stones and the other one in black leather. Heeled strappy shoes with a lot of sparkle and elegant fur coat. If you dare even more, try a crop top or a hair ornament. If you will not stop dancing, you can use a flat rock style boots.Skirt


2. Touch of red: The total black look usually effective and elegant, but red is the perfect complement. In this case we Elected a sexy lace jumpsuit with silver. Combined with elegant black heels with transparencies and a spectacular red bag with fringe. Opt for simple earrings and red paint your lips to make them the focus of attention.Jumpsuit


3. Welcome to Hollywood: If you celebrate New Year’s Eve night in a place label, you should choose a long dress. This year the slides are carried, so it will be easy to find many similar dresses. We will propose this beautiful long dress electric blue velvet. With openings strategically designed to be sexy and elegant at the same time. Combine it with a discreet silver sandals, crystal earrings and jewel bag as point of care. Opt for a makeup simple and light so that your outfit is elegant and ethereal.Dress

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