Yesterday was the 73rd edition of the Golden Globes Awards, the most awarded film was The Revenant and Di Caprio took the award for best actor. But what we really like to comment on Celebrity Shopping is the red carpet. Who were the best and worst dressed of the night? Let’s start with our own list!

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Jennifer Lawrence: We’re used to see her in bulky and exaggerated Dior couture dresses, but this time JLaw surprised us with this sexy and simple Dior gown. She looked beautiful with this stunning red design.

Jennifer Lopez: Another Jen, but this one is synonym of constant sensuality and show. This time it was much more modest than usual. He left his home and characteristic “naked dress” to wear this spectacular Giambattista Valli in yellow and with an ostentatious layer. Great success! Remember, less is often more.

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Photo via: Instagram @jlo

Lady Gaga: Whenever Lady Gaga dresses like a person succeeds. Last night was not only beautiful, even made us remember the golden age of Hollywood. Her vintage-style dress, and golden waves hair made us inevitably compare it with Marilyn.

Heidi Klum: The top model barely approve our red carpet lists. She always shows too much skin and she’s not very subtle with their outfits. However, this time she was really smart and sophisticated. She wore beautifully designed in sequins and feathers that reminded us of the golden 20’s. Beautiful!

Captura de pantalla 2016-01-11 a las 13.21.39Photo via: Instagram @heidiklum

Worst dressed

We must be fair and say that there were not too many mistakes on the red carpet. Female guests were adjusted to the dress code of the event and didn’t risk too much on their choices. But the worst choices were:

Kate Hudson: Very little material for such a formal event. Loyal to Michael Kors, she chose a golden two pieces dress with a very short top. Kate has an amazing body and can wear any clothing, but we don’t believe it was the right one.

Kate Winslet: We love totally her, but her style is always the same. Monochrome dresses that stylize her figure, simple, and elegant. Kate, you’re powerful, you can risk and even wrong. Suspended for boring.

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Photo via: Instagram: @kate.winslet.official

Maggie Gyllenhaal: An example of sophistication and elegance, she rarely wrong on a red carpet. In this case, though her dress firms by Tom Ford, we do not like. The colors and printing make her look older. It doesn’t favor at all.

Kate Bosworth: We are still blinded with Kate extra bright dress. Dolce & Gabbana are genius designing woman gowns, but this amount of pink paillettes is truly excessive.

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Photo via: Instagram @katebosworth