Last night was celebrated the expected Oscars 2016 gala. Waited for many reasons: Leonardo Dicaprio was the favorite to win, at last, the Oscar. Many precious pregnant as Chrissy Teigen, Marion Cotillard and Anne Hattaway, a stir about the alleged racism academy … But most importantly, a gala full of stars in haute couture, where the gwons and jewels are almost as important as the prizes.

Overall, we saw many elegantly dressed actress, less princess gowns than usual, and more and bigger jewels than years ago. Few years ago actresses wore less jewelry to adorn their outfits.
We have created a list which are for us the most beautiful night on the red carpet.


Cate Blanchett: She’s our favourite, a goddess dress with feathers and swarovskis. The gown is as amazing as she, thousands of feathers that creates floating flowers. This is a creation of Armani Prive.


Photo via: @armani


Alicia Vikander: She never disappoints and this time she trusted again in Louis Vuitton to the dress and jewelry. He wore an elegant yellow design full of precious crystals. Was compared with the Disney princess Belle, they have a certain resemblance, isn’t it?


Photo via: @louisvuitton


Lady Gaga: She definetly has two characters, the singer and the actress. When she wear the mask actress she appears like a classic diva, stunning, hogging all the attention of the room. When she attends an event for her work as actress, she never disappoints, she leaves the eccentricity and drama aside, to shine like a true star. Yesterday at the Oscars, she wore a total white Brandon Maxwell jumpsuit.


Photo via: @brandonmaxwell & @Ladygaga


Naomi Watts was sparkling with this amazing Calvin Klein gown in blue and purple. She always confides in Calvin Klein for the most important events, and she always succeeds.


Photo via: @naomiwatts


Charlize Theron: Sexy as hell with this dress suitable for brave women . With an eternal V-neck, this Dior gown, adorned with incredible jewels made Theron shine as she just knows.


Photo via: @harrywinston & @enzoangileri