Few months ago news broke that Angelina came back to the cinema scene, and although that is always good news, it wasn’t the best. Brad Pitt and she would be the stars of the film! 10 years, it’s been ten years since Mr. & Mrs. Smith. Since then we have not been back to see them together on the big screen, and this project together can only predict one thing: success. Having together on one screen at one of the most attractive and talented Hollywood couples is always awesome. But above all this, we must add that the film seems to be really exciting.

By the Sea is the title of the film, written and directed by Angelina. Fortunately is not based on a true story, is the fruit of the whole imagination of Jolie. This is the story about Vanessa (Angelina Jolie) and Roland (Brad Pitt), a couple traveling to the French coast in order to save their relationship, however, crumbles every day.

Perhaps we all expect a romantic comedy or an action film as Mr and Mrs Smith, but nothing to do. In August we saw the first trailer that showed us the drama of a couple really sunk and that seems to have no solution. You can see the trailer here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mwjN4hCgi-0

The movie opens on November 13 in the US, and we can not wait so long!

Angelina BradPhotos via: Youtube- Zero Media