Winter is almost here, we can feel it because temperature is lower and we need to cover our body with more clothes. And here we go with the eternal question: dogs need clothes in winter? Some dog races need clothes on winter or helps the dog to avoid having cold.

So, when you should buy a coat for your dog?

  • If your dog starts shivering with low degrees, if its hair is short or its too skinny like a Galgo or Chihuahua.
  • Its recommendable for puppys or old dogs, because they’re more sensitive to cold.
  • Also for dogs with some disease like arthritis, its articulations are weak and staying warm helps the dog.


  • We recommend you to choose a comfortable piece, made specially for dogs.
  • Human clothes are not proper for dogs, because it doesn’t have the proper holes for its extremities.
  • Choose a coat with non toxic material. Dogs will probably bite or lick the coat because at first may don’t like it much.
  • Finally, choose the right size, your dog must walk comfy and relaxed. A tight piece won’t be a right choice for your friend.Dog