One of the funniest and crazy day in the year is Halloween! The night when the dead come to live and people wear the best costumes ever! Witches, zombies, vampires, sexy kittens, pumpkins and candies all in one awesome night. Greenwich_Village_Halloween_Parade_(6451249051)

Photo via: Creative Commons.

There’s just two rules:

1. You have to wear an original costume, “normcore” style is not allowed!
2. Having fun will be your only mood.

Do you already have prepared your costume for this Halloween 2015? If you don’t, here you got some suggestions:

Rob Speed FlickrEpic Gangs, for example: Scooby doo.

Photo via: Rob Speedy –


Disney Villains Anna Fox FlickrDisney Villain

Photo via: Anna Fox –

Dead bride flickrDead bride, photo via: