Top Celebrity Destination, Marbella is hitting the dance-floor.

Today we are not talking only about the last reality hit of  the British TV, we are talking about the Europe´s most exclusive resort, Marbella. 

The place where Audrey Hepburn back in the 60´s placed her summer home, today still catches the soul of celebrities, presidents, kings and prices, singers, actors and a hole bunch of world top of the tops. People such as Michelle Obama, Madonna, Cara Delevingne, the princes of Arabia Saudi, Victoria and David Beckham hang around the 30 km of beaches plenty of pool clubs built up in a style as no other part in the world. 


Paradise of luxury brands, The Marina of Marbella Puerto Banús, is the place in the world with more luxury brand boutiques by square meter: Prada, Miu Miu, Chanel, Dior, Saint Laurent, Dolce & Gabanna, Hermes (to mention some of them), are all in the same 700 meters street. You can find during the day different personalities acquiring the last garments of the top designers of the fashion industry, before going to lunch in some seafront exclusive restaurants as Pangea or Oceans Club.



The nightlife in Marbella is about beautiful people, fast cars and international DJ´s housing the clubs until late am: Ingrosso, Beni Benassi, Chris Brown, Snoop Doog, Carl Cox, Bob Sinclair, play live music during summer season on charming places as the Cavalli Club where champagne and caviar are not a topic. 


The hole place is surrounded with gardens and tropical plants that keep growing up thank you to the soft weather plenty of sun. All the resorts and villas have one, also the streets and beaches, that make it look as a tropical place between Africa and Europe. The one that needs a mention a part is the Puente Romano Resort, hi luxury veteran in the area where celebrities love to stay. A Beach club, tropical gardens and pools, La Suite Nightclub, a fine art gallery, and several restaurants surround the place highlighting it as one of the musts spots of Marbella.

IMG_0559                                                              Puente Romano Hotel Gardens

The architecture is influenced by Spanish tradition, different nationalities of the people, and the proximity of Morocco, so is a mix between mediterranean, arabic, tropical and colonial, so the results are breathtaking areas worth seeing. Here we bring you a caption from a house in the area you can rent as many of the celebrities do.


So now you know how to handle life in Marbs, tell only your best friends.