Are you a fashion victim? Are you unable to go shopping and go home empty handed? One of your greatest pleasures is to review the new collections of your favorite designers? One of your biggest desires is owning of the iconic bags of Prada, Celine, Gucci… but you can’t afford it? If the answer to all of this is yes, you need to read this article.

Like many women, you’re in love with fashion and you have a wide range of clothes. But probably you don’t have yet those masterpieces of the greatest designers like Hermes, Balmain, Dolce & Gabbana … as their prices are not affordable at all. But you deserve to have a bag of them, and we’re going to tell you how! Thrift stores.1

In this stores other women offers greatest pieces almost new from their closet, sometimes bags that they don’t even used it for some reason. Those thrift shops are looking for women like you, who need to say hello to a vintage Chanel, or that forgotten Birkin hidden in the closet.

So we suggest you do the following:

The most important, you have to find the store that offers the best treasures at best price! There are many stores but for our fetish piece, bags, we have the e-store.

Vestiaire Collective: This is perhaps one of the best websites in the world in second hand bags and clothing. It’s amazing how many amazing bags they have, and most of them underutilized. Vestiaire specializes in bags, but they have all kind of second-hand products. Moreover, they don’t sell just women stuff, also men can buy a lot of luxury bags and clothes. If you haven’t visited Vestiaire Collective yet, this is your chance! You can not resist any of those jewels with incredible prices.Vestiaire