As celebrities do not usually wear mainsream local brands, today in Shoppingcelebrity we bring you a brand that is a big secret for us, and celebrities! Bean Pole is the ultimate trend form woman clothes and bags, hitting the fashion world from South Korea! We know they are extremelly well designed and handcrafted with sofisticated materials, is the perfect election of this season.

About the brand

The three design departments are located in: United States of America, Italy and Korea. The brand was stablished in 1989 but was the past decade when they expanded internationally, and the majority of shops are in Asia. Their philosophy is the union between traditional and contemporary British fashion culture, thats the main reason for the logo, a penny-farthing bicycle,  to emphasize the British-like style that they aim for.
Here we bring you the last ss15 collection!
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Yoo_Yeon-seok_and_Suzy_for_Bean_Pole_accessories_Summer_2015_collection_03 Suzy_for_Bean_Pole_accessories_Summer_2015_collection_01 Yoo_Yeon-seok_and_Suzy_for_Bean_Pole_accessories_Summer_2015_collection_01