Christmas is the perfect time to meet with family and friends who don’t see in a while, spend nice time with them… or just the opposite. There are people seeking breakaway from family commitments, stress, routine, etc. and choose to “escape”. So we propose different Christmas plans for different tastes.

Single and friends
What better than spend a few days with the family you choose? Flee together where you are usually either city, mountain or golf. Arriesgad and alquilad a house in a different and unusual destination. Take away games, delicious food and you need to prepare a good

Couples have obligations to both families, unless the two families together. Why not just the two escape to a quiet and romantic destination? Venice, Paris, Napa … A quiet beach, a lost mountain cabin. You will only need to yourselves and delicious wine, nothing

Independent adventurer
If you are a free spirit, possibly Christmas does not have the familiar and traditional sense usually has. Fail to realize that you can not travel to the rest of the year, do the crazy things because of time do not wear out. Adventure sport routes up the mountain, interrail. You only need a backpack, some money, and desire to live on the edge.nepal-836303_640