Fact: This are the last two weeks of the summer.  (Picture via Wikipedia)Wikipedia

Some people feels really stressed and sad after their vacation, that’s named as “Post vacation stress”. If you’re on vacation and your leisure days are finishing, we will give you some advices to come back to routine with less sadness. Let’s try not to act like in the photo, ok?

1. Eat well. On holidays, you probably have avoided some of your diet and good eating habits. If you earned some weight is time to get our healthy meals back.

2. Make sport. If you’re an sport fan/victim, you can stop reading this tip. If you don’t remember what running is, you better take your sneakers out. The gym is waiting for you.

3. Sleep more. Probably you slept more than usual on your vacations, and that’s great! But now, alarm clock is going to be your worst nightmare. Going to bed earlier and making sport, will help you to rest more and better.

4. Beauty treatment. Even if you can’t appreciate it in your skin, sun has effects on it. It’s very recommendable to make a repair skin care treatment after your vacactions. Your skin is more tan and sensitive, so you need to give it something extra to recover soon.

5. Hi friends! If you couldn’t see some friends or family on your holidays, you should find time to be with them. They’re part of your routine and sure will make you feel better.


If you’re still on holidays, i wish you my best. Enjoy!


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