We take a short look to the artworks of the advertisements of the 50’s of COPPERTONE sun lotions.

As every celeb on summer, we should be tanned by this time with a beautuiful soft colour. If we are not, we can use a sun lotion thats protects our skin and helps to get the correct tone. Today we make a short look to the Coppertone brand:

It dates to 1944, when Benjamin Green invented a lotion to darken tans. The company became famous in 1959 when it introduced the Coppertone girl, an advertisement showing a young blond girl in pigtails staring in surprise as a dog sneaks up behind her and pulls down her blue swimsuit bottom, revealing her buttocks to have a lighter tone than the rest of her body. Accompanying the ads was the impish slogan, “Don’t be a paleface!”


Sometime around 1965, Jodie Foster made her acting debut as the Coppertone girl in a television commercial, when she was three years old.

In 1993, to celebrate the 40th anniversary of the sunscreen, a contest was held at Disney’s Polynesian Hotel in Orlando Florida to find “The Coppertone Girl”, since Cheri Brand had grown up by then. The winner was picked based on the contestant’s maturity, congeniality, eloquence, confidence, and how well she resembled the cartoon. The winner was four-year-old Alexis Durgee.

At the turn of the 21st century, Coppertone revised drawings of the Coppertone Girl so that they would be less revealing and show no tan lines. Some recent versions show only the girl’s lower back, as opposed to her buttocks, or wearing a T-shirt, a hat, and holding a bottle of Coppertone while the puppy is shown pulling on her shirt.

This is part of he history of beauty and woman. Getting a tanned screen and a healthy skin is possible. Here are some beautiful advertisments that show the style of the 70’s, that still today in some campaings and celebrities.



So.. A good colour of skin akes you look sining through the sumer events, parties and nights, as you can see!






More info about coppertone at: http://www.coppertone.com/

Info about the brand: Wikipedia.com/Coppertone