Today we are talking about one of the best photographers of the XX Century, Helmut Newton. He has worked with the top celebrities of the globe, meanwhile his time working for VOGUE or ELLE.  This Australian photographer with German origins was born in Germany in 1920. Ever since he was 2o years old he had a determined style and vision about feminine beauty, which has lasted until nowadays, you just need to take a look to fashion magazines from last years. His pictures are characterized by the glamour, seduction and elegance, and the have been cover of some of the most prestigious fashion magazines of the world. The pictures of beautiful woman surrounded by luxurious ambient have become some of the iconic pictures of photography history. Newton was in love with beauty, and so he captioned it in every picture.

To know some of his works and materials he used for the scenes, you can visit the Helmut Newton Foundation at The Museum of Photography, Jebensstrasse, Berlin. Also you can read his autobiography, out now in several idioms.

Here we bring you some of his pictures:

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