Mango declares war to Primark and Zara!
Mango a well known fashion firm from Cataluña Spain wants to dominate the Spanish market adopting strategies from huge fashion firms… would it make it?

MANGO has recently announced that they have their eye set on a younger audience since they are “fashion hungry” and will launch a collection specially design for them at a lower cost introducing new items at the stores every 15 days, system implemented years ago by Inditex group.mango2

Along with this new young collection firm director Isak Andic has announced their new amazon virtual store looking to promote more effectively online selling of MANGO products world wide.
Also Andic has said that the firm will work under one name unifying all the fashion lines to just MANGO, so no more mango kids, and mango men… only MANGO.
And finally Mango will play the macro store game opening 200 mega stores this year trying to follow up the rising number of stores the competition keeps opening yearly.